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On Febuary 11,  I called U-verse to see what they had to offer, as the company I was with had major technical issues in my neiborhood. The price was right and my neighbor who had U-verse was happy with them, so I went with it. I cancelled my service with my then current company for the day before the U-verse installation. I received an email two days before the installation that it would be pushed back until three days after the schelduled date. It was a little frustrating that I didnt receive a call (glad I checked my email!), but I understand things change. I took the day offand the tech came to my house right on time, pulled a couple wires, set up my modem, but said there was a small issue at the pedistle outside. Another tech showed up to fix it, then told me there was a wire buried about three feet at the pedistle, and until it was dug up they could not finish the installation. I called AT&T and after a hour on the phone being tranfered to different people they told me someone would call me within 24 hours and let me know when the wire would be fixed. Nobody called. I called again, this time on the phone an hour and a half and had explain all of the above to three different people, and was told it had been flagged as priority and someone would be in touch within 24 hours. Again nobody called. This exact same senerio happened a third time with nobdy calling me back as promised. I called a fourth time to see if I could get DSL while I was waiting to see when the wire would be repaired and was told yes. They set up an account, ran my credit again (second time in under two weeks), then I was told they could not complete it because I was eligible for U-verse. This phone call was over two hours. I finally called, demanded to speak to a manager which was a extremely long process, he said he would call me back, and he did after about 10 minutes. I was told that he had talked to the engineering department, and the work had been scheduled to be completed on or before the 28th of February. He also stated that he would make sure the installation would be expedited to be completed ASAP following it. Today I get an email that stated my installation date had been set for March 13th. After a hour and a half on the phone, I had it changed to this Thursday. The thing is, the wire still hasnt been dug up yet, and even thougn I explained that,  I was assured the work had been done. This is the first time I have ever written on any message board for any company, and we all have had unpleasant experiences with different companies throughout our life, but this is hands down the worst I have ever had. When I say I have spent over five hours on the phone after working all day trying to get some kind of answer I am not exaggerating one bit. I have two small kids, and between being on the phone with AT&T, then going somewhere that has free wifi to take my online classes,  I have missed valuable time that could have been spent with them. I am in the military,  so I am no stranger to moving and  the fun of having to set up shop at least every four years, so when I say this is the worst I've ever experienced I mean it. I would not have cared if they told me they couldn't have me set up until 2015, at least I would know and could make arrangements so my day to day life would not be affected. Hopefully this will be megaphone to have my voice heard, because I promise no matter who you may call it is just one transfer after another with absolutely no resolution.  

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Re: installation

I would recommend that you send a Private Message to the ATTU-verseCare Community Specialist team.  One of the specialists will respond to your PM shortly.  Please look for the flashing envelope at the top right of the page for your response from a team member.


Let one of the specialists investigate and see if they can get you fixed up.

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Re: installation

Thank you for your military service to our country.

While after the fact, the recommendation is to never cancel existing provider services till after installation is completed.
In the rare cases, when the installation has to be delayed, you would still have access to your internet, tvs and phones.

Out of curiosity, are you in the north centrl, midwest, with snow and frozen ground?
Is the section buried under the ground or buried under pavement?
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Re: installation

I agree I shouldn't have cancelled my service until the installation was complete. This has never happened to me before, or anyone I know for that matter, and it wasn't even a thought that it would be a problem since I'm in range of other peoples U-verse wifi. To answer your question I live in the southeast, flowers are blooming with temps in the 70's. There is no pavement just dirt/grass.
Please understand that the fact a wire is 2-3 foot underground and is preventing me from having service established is not my issue with this whole mess, I understand things happen. I get it. My issue is the absolute lack of customer service. I mean a the worst I've ever experienced. When you spend hours on the phone just to be told a specialist/manager will call within 24 hours and it never happens it is frustrating. Times that by four and it is insane. I've been on the phone forty minutes just to be transferred to a local office in Wisconsin who had no clue what I was talking about, then had to start all over again. Like I stated earlier, I don't care when it can be done as long as I know, then I can either wait for U-verse (which I would prefer), or make arraignments to do something else. The answer to that questions has been the equivalent to locating a unicorn.

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