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hung up on several times


hung up on several times

To whom this may concern - 


I'm extremely disappointed in the customer service I have received from employees of AT&T both cell phone provider and internet provider.  I spoke with 2 gentlemen yesterday evening who BOTH hung up on me.  Can I remind you it took 15+minutes to get to them in the first place.  I then tried calling for a 3rd time and surprise surprise "We are closed."  Really? Now I'm mad so I call the phone provider and spoke with a lady named Trixie who tells me she is going to solve my problem.  I explain to her that I have been hung up on and I am not trying to be rude with her but I'm very upset and tired of being treated this way.  I explain to her that I am calling because I am suppose to be receiving a discount for being an AT&T customer and Direct TV customer and if the bills become "Opted" together it will save me money.  (I used to get this discount and then it disappeared following a move to a new house).  I was informed by direct tv that it is something AT&T needs to do on their end to get my discount.  She was very polite and stated she would have someone contact me at 9 am the following day from her department and from the internet department.  NO ONE CALLED.  I then called again at 9:45 am where I spent an hour and a half being transferred between direct tv and AT&T where every time I had to restate why I was calling and who I was.  I was also told by every one of them "I WILL NOT HANG UP I PROMISE."  Guess what happened next?  Oh hung up on by everyone of them except the very last person and STILL I am not receiving discounts from either provider because they never followed through with what they said they would do.  So here are the names of several that I had time to write down: Cindy, Sandra, Trixie, Valerie, Ann.)  That is to name a couple I did not get to write down everyones name and did not understand the names of the 2 gentlemen I spoke with in the first place due to a heavy accent.  I am going to disconnect ALL of my services with AT&T (Internet, cell) and direct TV unless SOMEONE can be honest and give me the time of day to fix this issue.  I have been told different things by each agent mind you.  Depending on who I talked to my bill ranged from 18-60 a month just for my internet service.  Explain that one?  I'm now told it will be 23 dollars and some change after she applied a discount at the end which is higher than what I have been paying for the past 2 years.  She said well the rates are changing and going up.  Once again so disgusted that this is acceptable customer service.  If that was my job I would have lost it!

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Re: hung up on several times

Hello Lcolby2,


    I'm very sorry to hear about your recent negative experience. It's very odd, if any of customer service representatives hang up on customers they would probably lose their jobs as well (calls are monitored). I suspect there might be an issue with the phone, dropped calls, low signal, or hardline issues. Calls might get disconnected sometimes because of technical glitches, but for it to happen few times in a row, there might be another issue worth looking into.


    Our team can help you with your billing issue, please send us a private message by clicking here, please include your full name, phone number and the best time you can be reached. One of our social media care managers will contact you within 2 business days to assist.


Let me know if you have any questions.


Thank you,


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Re: hung up on several times

I thought signal right away would be the cause. The catch is no one tried to call me back. They know my number and information they easily could have called back which is what leads me to think this was done on purpose.
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Re: hung up on several times

Lcolby2 wrote:
I thought signal right away would be the cause. The catch is no one tried to call me back. They know my number and information they easily could have called back which is what leads me to think this was done on purpose.

Most inbound call center reps are not authorized to make outboud calls (though, of course, exceptions can be made). If the center is busy, as soon as one call drops, another call comes in, so the rep is  forced to leave your issue "in the past" and deal with the current customer.

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