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The last couple of days consistently get this message when I search for programming using the Web Remote Access at


"We did not find any search results for..."


The search function on Uverse TV itself is working but I prefer the web interface because it only shows me the channels to which I have subscribed.


Has any one else had this problem?  Any suggestions about what to do?



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Perhaps would be a better link for you, Larry.  You are able to search for specific shows using the channel guide link, or visit


Not sure if you were looking to just see when a show comes on, schedule it to be recorded, or watch it, but hopefully that helps.

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Re: -- Uverse Web Remote Access

Thanks for your reply.  I am having a similar experience at both  and


Today when I first log on I see only one channel - 1652 SPD HD - although I doubt that matters.


When I refresh the page I seem to get my full channel lineup.


I can review my lists of recorded programs and programs scheduled to be recorded.


But the search function doesn't work well, nor can I see program details, nor can I schedule a program to be recorded.


And it all worked so beautifully just three days ago.

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Re: -- Uverse Web Remote Access

Very welcome for the response; pleasure to help... I see, that's rough - and the thing with the one channel loading is strange.


Well, I can tell you I performed a search on the link I provided and that did work, but that does not explain why you are experiencing problems.


I can suggest clearing your browsing cache and cookies then trying again, or perhaps accessing the page using a separate computer if you have not already.


If nothing else, I must suggest that the web page is being worked on and will have its full functionality restored in a few days.  A lot of the time that is how these problems end up getting worked out.





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Re: -- Uverse Web Remote Access

Exactly the same problem I'm having. I would expect this is something that ATT would make a priority to fix.

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Re: -- Uverse Web Remote Access

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