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how to return uverse router modem


how to return uverse router modem

I was told by a customer service rep that either the return shipping label to ups would be in the box or that it would be mailed to me.  


She also said if none of those things happen (not surprising) I could give it directly to ups and they would mail it for me since they have a partnership.  Is that true?


Also she said to make sure that I got a tracking number otherwise if ATT didin't receive it, I would still be charged!



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Re: how to return uverse router modem

Upon cancellation you should have received an email from ATT with instructions on returning the equipment. You would then take the equipment to tne nearest UPS store and they will ship it back to ATT, and yes, make sure you get a receipt or tracking number from UPS as proof you dropped of the equipment.

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Re: how to return uverse router modem

Ok thanks.  I did not receive a cancellation email, however I called the UPS Store and they said all I needed was an account number to send the equipment back to ATT.

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Re: make sure to get emailed the smart label from technical support



UPS did not have u-verse high speed internet modem on their auto - return - without smart label list


 must talk to technical support to get smart labe emailed to you, also you can email it to the UPS store, ie


make sure to get the tracking number otherwise att will still charge you, should be in email with smart label:


AT&T Modems (ATC) Customer Service

Your Tracking ID is {Personal content removed for your safety}. Visit to track your return package.

We appreciate your business and look forward to serving you again soon.


Finally call ATT to tell you shipped it, they received it, and they should stop harrassing you Smiley Happy

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Re: must call att back to tell them they received their equipment so unreal

I've now received 3 bills for the equipment that I sent back and att received.  Apparently they have no idea when you give them back their crap....  It says perhaps I overlooked the bill or misplaced it... perhaps att needs a new shipping / receiving department.  It also says if they have a credit card on file, it will be charged $150 for EACH piece of equipment not returned to UPS.  Luckily I never game them a credit card.  I understand the poor customer service and incredibly long wait times to tell att that they screwed up again (surprise), but the threatening bills are unbelievable.  

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Re: how to return uverse router modem

yeah imagine that. so basically what ive been complaining about really had no solution. seems like even if i did send the equipment back i wouldve gotten charged anyway.


i am really starting to wonder if i should just chalk up their mistake as my loss.....the hours i spent and will spend on the phone have pushed this well into a lose/lose already.

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att sends many bill reminders, credit doesn't show for a month

I called att about my bill, right away they asked for a tracking number.  The one I got from this link where you enter your BAN:

Visit to track your return package, is different from the typical UPS tracking number, which starts with 1Z..., so they couldn't track it.  So I explained I went to their website, returncenter smartlabel whatever, and then they said oh yeah we have that other site.  So make sure you EXPLAIN where you got the tracking number from.  


Then they said there was a credit pending which won't be final till the next bill cycle which is Sept 13th, even though they received it on the 8th of Aug.  NOW the thing is they like to send bill reminders, every week and a half, so ignore those, that's why I got three, the original and 2 reminders.  


What is even more interesting is they said the credit is more than the bill, so I might even get $18 back for never having service in the first place (tech support was stuck up, cancelled right away).  

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Re: how to return uverse router modem

ok i just cancelled with them today. i had been a customer for over a year and something i as told by a manager that i didn't have to return anything! that i had bought the modem. I asked her why she said incase i wanted to become a customer again. now are they telling you to return the wireless modem because you only had it fore short period of time or what? because If i get a charge for anything i'm going HAM! the lady claimed i had paid for it and don't have to return it.

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Re: how to return uverse router modem

Which unit, if 510 or 3600, you own it, paid $100 for at time of service...if you have been paying a hsia fee monthly you have a leased RG either 3800, or 3801 normally with tv service, that needs to be returned or will be billed.
Return of Equipment. Upon termination of the Services, for whatever reason, you must return the Equipment, undamaged, within 21 calendar days to AT&T. If the Equipment is not returned within 21 calendar days, or is returned damaged, you will be charged for the value of the Equipment. We may retain any advance payment or deposit, or portion thereof that previously had not been refunded, if you fail to return the Equipment within this time period. If the Equipment is returned within 90days of termination, any fees charged for the Equipment will be refunded (other than fees for damages). No refunds will be made for any Equipment returned more than 90 days after termination.
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Re: how to return uverse router modem

I Need to retunr a router modem....I need a smart label.

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Re: how to return uverse router modem

Hello @gmaveith 


We can help you get a smart label for your return. Please send us a private message by clicking here and one of our social media care managers will contact you directly to assist.


Thank you,


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Re: how to return uverse router modem

I have to say I feel your pain. I have read ALL your posts and have shared your experience with AT&T's customer service (or should I say, lack of customer service). I too am attempting to return my equipment by following the instructions on the enclosed "return notification label". I did not receive a "smart label" in the package with my equipment, nor did I receive a return authorization number from the representative at the time I cancelled my service. (And I didn't know to ask for one.) So I had to call and wait on the phone for 23 minutes, only to be told by the rep that I just need to take it to UPS. When I asked about a return authorization number and a smart label she was rude and said it was in the box. I tried to explain it was not, and she just kept talking over me implying that I am an nitwit. My return authorization number as she explains, is simply my account number which I had to give her twice. Apparently there are no such things as "smart labels" so refrain from asking for one or you will get your butt chewed. I was having difficulty with my current internet service with TWC and wanted to see if At&T's internet was faster. I did NOT want to have to use AT&T for the simply fact that they have NO customer service. I will say that their tech guy that came to the house was very polite, efficient and professional. Maybe he should step up and show the rest of the them what true customer service is like. I also want to add that this is not my first experience with AT&T and their lack of service. We tried to get our phone turned on a year ago and we were transferred eleven times before we finally just gave up. I hope someone from AT&T reads these boards because your representatives are costing you business!

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Re: how to return uverse router modem

I also love how my post had to be changed to conform to their acceptable terminology. **** is not a swear word!


[Edited to comply with Guidelines]

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