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emails are bouncing


emails are bouncing

Recently my emails have been bouncing back to one of my clients. She seems to believe the issue is on my end. I don't think it's happening to anyone else that sends me things. Anyone know what is causing this?


Connected to 204.127.---.-- but greeting failed.

Remote host said: 450 too frequent connects from, please try again later.

I'm not going to try again; this message has been in the queue too long.


Another one she has received is

"Connected to 204.127.---.-- but connection died. (#4.4.2)
I'm not going to try again; this message has been in the queue too long."

The emails that are getting through are taking hours - sometimes days - to show up.


Thank you, in advance, for any help you can offer .




P.S. I've deleted the last digits on the IP address because I'm not sure if that's personal information or not????

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Re: emails are bouncing

Hi katheevz,


I am so sorry about the issues you are having with certain e-mails bouncing back, but I will be glad to look into this for you further. One thing to try is if you are using the AT&T e-mail service, try sending the e-mail via the webmail program here.

Also, I will have someone from my team send you a private message to get further information, so we can see if there is anything on our end blocking that particular IP.


-David T

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Re: emails are bouncing

Hi David. Seems like you guys got it backwards. It is someone else's email
that can't come through TO ME. Her emails are taking days to get to me if
they go through at all.

The ones that don't get sent back to her with one of the following messages:

Here is one example of them taking 2 days to get to me.

Can you help with this?

Thank you in advance.

Kathee Vander Zanden
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