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email for customer service


email for customer service

I recently had a terrible experience with phone support, and I can not find an email specifically for customer service to let them know.   How is it ATT doesn't have one - or are they afraid they'll be swamped?


Out of the blue our internet connection speed began dropping from 16 mbps to .25 mbps. This would happen continuously.  Nothing changed on our end.  I got tired of rebooting the router/modem so I called support.  Phone support put me on hold then came back and told me that my problem was low internet speed. (really?) She said the line to my house was just fine.. no issue. She said sometiems speeds fluctuate and that I must have added devices (I did not add any devices.. and going from 16 MBPS to .25 is not fluctuation - it's broken) 


Then she had me connect directly to the modem and the speed was fine. But the issue is erratic.. it will be drop speed and then I reboot, and it's fine. Then she told me that it must be my WAP, and ATT does not support that device. She said I needed to go out and buy one on my own. I told her my WAP is an ATT device, installed by an ATT technician. She said ATT no longer supports this hardware. I asked since when, but she wouldn't answer.  Instead she said she'd transfer me to advance tech help... I waited , waited, finally when I was transfered it was a PAY LINE. They wanted my credit card number to assist me. SAY WHAT???


I then tried live chat.. but I used the wrong live chat.. and the link that tech gave me was a non working live chat. I then found the correct live chat but got disconnected.


Finally I reached someone on the chat (way better than the phone support) who made an appointment for a technician to come out to the house. The technician replaced my modem/router which had gone bad.   This took only minutes to type.. but the process between being on hold, waiting waiting, losing chats, gaining chats, explaining,  took an entire day. It was exhausting.  


Having a tech person tell me that ATT does not support its own devices, and then sending me to a PAY LINE was the icing on the cake. Someone needs to know so that no one else has to go through this nonsense. I was told that a customer service rep would be in contact with me, but it never happened.   So, What email can I use to report this?  Thank you.

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Re: email for customer service

I have also been frustrated by lack of option to email for support . . . .

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Re: email for customer service

Do what I the corporate office in Dallas. When you call ask for senior management for u-verse. I explained my issue to a very understanding person and within 30 minutes I received three calls. The problem that I could not get resolved for several days was taken care of in less than three hours.

I usually don't do this but I was so frustrated by the lack of knowledge of the script readers that AT&T hires.


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