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I was all excited about having uverse Internet and voice it is turned out to be nothing but problems our system goes in and out now we have been without phone for 2 days talking with customer service I've been told that I do not have u verse Voice but when you look at my bill I have bills on it and I paid it and currently being charged for it i aldo learned that I have an additional bill for the line that we close have I gotten no results have been passed around from person to person hung up on I am NOT happy with this service or with AT&T's customer service I am currently waiting for a call back from a supervisor haven't heard back yet oh they also tell me a technician will be out here on Monday but did not give me time I cannot afford to be without a land line phone because of the type of business I try to explain this to the customer service that I can be fine and business can be held in violation they could care less
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