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connect UVerse modem to router


connect UVerse modem to router

I want to distribute my AT&T Uverse internet connection through my TL -R600VPN router. I have a good internet connection if I connect my main computer directly to the Uverse modem. I also have a good network connection to the remote HTPC over the Gigabit router and switch. The network connection indicates that I have internet connection for a brief time - but then it goes away.

I know it must be in the set up between the router and the UVerse gateway, but am unfamiliar with the procedure to trouble shoot it. The setup worked for several months until I had to replace the modem. ATT sent the new modem and I installed it with little difficulty, but the shared internet connection is a deal killer for me.

What can I do. The online help said they didn't support anything beyond a good internet connection to one computer.

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Re: connect UVerse modem to router

I might be able to help you. Can you tell me the make and model of your AT&T Residential Gateway?

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