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closed account payment histoy


closed account payment histoy

Hi please help, i have had att for about 2 years but we have moved so much from on city to another that we closed the account opened againg and so on. For collage i need to show 12 month of payments and from my current account i have 7 month but i would need to get the payment histoy for my old account to be able to get the 12 month. i have my old account number but it wont let me register it in att to check the history and when I call no one seems to help me, one guy told me i had to do it myself registering the account like in the new one but when i tried it says the acccount does not appear.


please help getting these records i really nead that payment histoy for collage and i have been a customer for 2 years now.


thank you

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Re: closed account payment histoy

Do you have (or can you get) cancelled checks or EFT records from your bank?  A bank statement itself would probably not constitute proof of payment, but specific transaction records such as these may do the trick.  



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