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cant get uverse??


cant get uverse??

i recently moved into my house that was built from the ground up and i keep getting told that my address isnt found and that i cant get any type of internet. But 2 of my neighbors, and a library across the street have U-Verse.. i am so frustrated considering that i have been a At&t customer for 10 years , and have always loved their internet! please help ! i have veen contacting at&t almost every day for 2 months.
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Re: cant get uverse??

I deal with this on a daily basis and it is not uncommon for new houses, apartments or new addresses all together to have this problem, there is a solution and if you contact the customer care agents running this board they should be able to get you taken care of.

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Re: cant get uverse??

go to local att store and make sure its a company(corporate) store and tell them your neighbor has uverse and they will submit an F case, it might take about 5 business days and they will be able to process the order. F case basically sends a technician out to the area to qualify your address and they green light it in the system and then can go ahead and process the order.


If if you uverse tv and internet available I suggest you sign up for the lowest package even if you dont want tv. It ends up being cheaper with no upfront cost and you can cancel after a year.


hope this helps.



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