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cannot decide to keep it or dump it

cannot decide to keep it or dump it

I recently added 45/6 service to my Uverse account.  I still have TW.  I am able to switch the router's WAN connection between TW and Uverse to minimize disruption on my network.  I find the Uverse to operate around 27/4 consistently with bursts to 45/5.25, but TW operates around 50/5 consistently regardless of time of day.  Uverse will be cheaper for me, but because it is so inconsistent, I'm not excited about keeping it.  I'm afraid it will just feel like a hassle to have the performance vary so much.



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Re: cannot decide to keep it or dump it

Do you have Uverse IPTV services? Did you sign up for a new promotion bundle when upgrade to POWER tier?
What speeds do you need, one car has a max speed of 85, another 140 but highest legal limit in my state is 65.
Both will meet the need the rest is just want.
Will you lose bundle price and pay more for tv service?

Just some of my thoughts.
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