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billed twice in same month


billed twice in same month

this is the second time in two months that ATT is billing me twice (same amount) for the same Uverse service. Last week I spoke to Chat line person and he assured me everything would be corrected.  But this was so much hot air.


Now already I have been billed $200.74 twice, one time yesterday (1 July 2013) and I already have a posted bill from my bank which shows a payment made for $200.74 on 17 June 2013 using my bank's bill pay service.


What is wrong with the admin of payments here?

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Re: billed twice in same month



I just want to clarify one thing that comes to mind. Is it possible that you have automatic withdrawal set up with AT&T and also bill pay set up with your bank, I believe they are two different services?


If this is not the case and you're still having trouble with a resolution please send a private message to our ATTCustomer care team by using the link below. Please include your name, email address, phone number, and the best time that you can be reached; please also allow up to 48 hours for a team member to contact you once receiving your message.


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Re: billed twice in same month

thanks, the ATT gears appear to be moving in the right direction so I am sure the admin staff can track the down and get the confusion resolved on my side.  I'll try to post the results here for possible help to others in the future.

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