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at&t is the worst service yet


at&t is the worst service yet

I am beyond frustrated with a fradulent bill I received from at&t when I dont even have my service with them but trying to speak to a live person takes more than an hour and when I finally get live agent on line, they can't resolve the problem or hang up? 


Does any one know the corporate office information so I can file a complaint? 



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Re: at&t is the worst service yet

Could this be your last bill? Maybe you switched to competition before that bill was generated.
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Re: at&t is the worst service yet

Did you at one point have service with us? Like the person above mentioned, if you did, maybe it was your final bill. If you like you state it is fraudulent and you've never had service with us before. We do have a fraud department that you could speak with. When you call the customer care number, 800-288-2020, when the prompt asks you what you need, say 'Fraud' and it should direct you to the fraud department. If for whatever reason it does not, whatever department you reach ask them to transfer you to the fraud department.

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