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You ATT visa pre paid card PIN

You ATT visa pre paid card PIN

okay so i was browsing the forum today for some info on the PINS for your visa card and i was shocked to not see anything!i did some digging and found alot of people need help since they dont know what the PIN is! here we go!Smiley Happy :


1.always remember your PIN is only used to ACTIVATE your card when you recieve it OR check balance inquiries 

2:Your visa pre paid PIN is always going to be the last 4 number of your account number the card was processed under for example

--you have att cell,home phone, and uverse tv the card was for uverse tv for being a new customer you will go ahead and use the 4 number of your uverse account!not your phone number or a random number it will always be the last 4 numbers of the account it was processed under!

--to get balance info on the back of the card it provides a number and or website you can check balance info,or check it at


your card is pre paid and doesnt require a PIN when you make a purchase i looked this up and i guess even pre paid cards by law have to say debit if they are made and branded from a bank or company like visa or mastercard, discover etc.always use the card as credit transaction.



i hope this helps everyone in saving some frustration or confusion!*good luck!*Smiley Happy

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Re: You ATT visa pre paid card PIN

oh one more thing! if you try to use a random # like your phone number or cell number the card could be locked up due to too many attempts!!for security so thats why i wanted to post this.if you lock up the card youll have no choice but to call the reward center so they can reset the card for you

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Re: You ATT visa pre paid card PIN

Worked!! Thanks!
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