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Xbox Live won't connect


Xbox Live won't connect

Hello. I had no trouble with my old U-Verse router, but that one broke so we got a new one in last week. Xbox Live hasn't worked since then. I tried using Google to find answers but none were helpful. 


I have a 2Wire 3801HGV router.  I'm trying to connect my Xbox with a wired connection NOT wireless.


When i go to my Xbox's network settings, it doesn't even register that an ethernet port is connected.  And when I check the router settings, it says the port that my xbox is connected to is "inactive", and never let's me adjust any settings for it.  Yes, I've tried different ports, different cables, and that didn't help.  The port on my xbox is not broken.


Any help would be appreciated!  Thanks in advance.

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Re: Xbox Live won't connect

It sounds like it's looking for the old router?


Have you tried Clear List on this page?

Are you seeing all devices or are some hidden?


Is it Private Fixed (IP) on this page:

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Re: Xbox Live won't connect

Clearing the list in the first link didn't work. 

The Xbox doesn't even look like it's listed in the second. For example, The Xbox is turned on, and it's in Port 3. In the 'status" tab, it shows there's something connected in Port 4 (1 and 2 are currently turned off. They're for a computer and a cable box).

EDIT: Seems like it's a job for tech support? :/  I'd rather not because of how long the process takes, but I will if need be.

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Re: Xbox Live won't connect

You could check out the ConnecTech forum .


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Re: Xbox Live won't connect

After almost 2 hours of headaches and 3 calls to level 2 tech support...I found the answer on my own.


Go to your AT&T router/modem and get the device access code off the side.  Not the wireless access code.  You will also need the Advanced Configuration numbers listed on the box.  It will be numbers with periods between them like 


Go to your browser and type in the Advanced Configuration numbers.  This brings up your router.  Go to Settings.  Go to Firewall.  Then go to Applications, Pinholes and DMZ.  If the router/modem asks for a password, type in the code you got off the side of the box. 


Scroll down to #2.  "Maximum protection" is probably selected.  Select "Allow individual applications."  Then scroll down the list for "Xbox" and click "add."  Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Save.


Boom, your XBox should now connect to Xbox live!

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Re: Xbox Live won't connect

I have this problem but with wireless.

I have tried adding Xbox and nothing.
I added my Xbox MAC address to allowed and nothing.

I'm seriously getting frustrated due to how difficult it is to do such a simple thing and seeing countless others with the same issue not getting resolved.
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Re: Xbox Live won't connect

wow, at least I am not alone.  I have tried wireless and wired.  No connection.  Constantly an IP address error.  Was on the phone for over an hour with tech support.  We tried manually entering IP and all -- same result, nothing!  But if I pay $49 to ConnectTech, they guarantee connection.


Any luck?

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Re: Xbox Live won't connect

same here, i have tried everything and nothing is working for me

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Re: Xbox Live won't connect

I am having the same issues. When we switched to Uverse, my son couldn't connect to Xbox Live. I had to pay the $49 for Connect tech & they got it to work. 3 days later it stopped working. I called back & they fixed it again. Now 3 weeks later not working again! But since it's past 5 days they want another 50 bucks! I refuse to pay it again. Please help!!
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Re: Xbox Live won't connect

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