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Would like to upgrade from 3801HGV


Would like to upgrade from 3801HGV

I have U-verse TV and high speed internet service with the 3801HGV modem/router.  In order to take advantage of N speed, I have a faster router attached to the AT&T equiptment.  I heard that AT&T has upgraded this Gateway with one that does N speed.  


What is the model number and how do I go about getting this one instead.  I'd like to simplify and not have to use the router (plus a wireless extender upstairs).

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Re: Would like to upgrade from 3801HGV

The model referred to is the 589, released about 6 months ago.
The unit has b/g/n wireless with (4) 10/100/1000 ports.

This unit is primarily for those who qualify and order the bonded pair install POWER internet (45/6...list $81/month for 2014).
Are at a distance greater than 3000 feet requiring a bonded RG, replaces the inid with i38hg.
Or are in the Austin Tax market with 300M nternet FTTP install as only RG to have gig ports. This is a leased unit, not available for purchase.

All other customers with IP TV services will continue with either the 3800 or 3801 RG. This includes new installs in 2014. 
As you have already purchased and set up another roiter , need to upgrade to POWER if available.
POWER requires less than 2200 feet from VRAD on a 32/5 profile, is this your current profile?

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