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Worst customer service...EVER.

Worst customer service...EVER.

Tried to sign up for Uverse TV and internet today.  First, I called and was told I would have to pay an activation fee if I ordered by phone.  So I went online and set everything up but the sign up form kept kicking me back and telling me I missed information, but would not clarify what.  Finally called customer service and the fast talking woman on the other end told me I had an outstanding bill of $160 from an address I never lived at.  She told me I had to resolve this with Accounts Receivable.  Okay, I talk to AR and explain it is not me, they tell me I have to talk again to Customer Service.  Call back and would you believe I get the same woman who again rudely tells me I have to resolve the outstanding amount with AR, who I talk to again and after verifying my SS number the woman in AR tells me I have to speak with the Identiy Theft people.  I speak to them and they VERIFY the outstanding bill is not mine, they put notes on my info, tell me to call Customer Service again and tell them to override the misinformation.  Call back speak to Tom and think I am actually getting somewhere until he says he has to get the approval people on the phone.  I have lived at the same address for 24 years, have a different SS number than the person with the balance, am MUCH older than the person with the balance Andrea from approvals is telling me I have to fax my drivers license (no problem there) and a verifiable certificate from Social Security...not my SS card, not my Medicare card with the my SS on it, no, I have to go to the SS office and request a verification letter!  Excuse me, I am signing up for TV service and I have to go running all over the place to satisfy something that the ATT Identity People alread confirmed is not my debt.  Not sure if an attorney is in order but they are denying me service based on NAME alone, they have already verified, through public records, that I am who I say I am yet they are demand I run out and get a stupid letter from the Social Security office, which is not close by.


Thanks ATT!

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Re: Worst customer service...EVER.

Hi @bigwhizdad,


I apologize about the difficulties you are having when trying to get service. We definitely like to do anything we can to help. If you could please send us a detailed message by clicking here. Be sure to include your name, account number, phone number, and the best time to reach you. 

Keep an eye on the at the top right corner of your screen for a response.

In the meantime, let me know if you have any other questions or concerns!

-David T

If you encounter any issues with your service or equipment, I recommend checking out our Troubleshoot & Resolve solutions to help diagnose the issue.
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Re: Worst customer service...EVER.

I agree that att customer service has been absolutey terrible!!! Avoid att if you can!
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Re: Worst customer service...EVER.

I am going to have to eat my words on the worst customer service.  When I finally spoke to someone who understood the problem I have to admit that AT&T personnel really stepped up to the plate.  With all the anxiety that was created by the lower level customer service reps I never thought I would have any interest in signing up for Uverse.  However, I am now a customer and I have to thank this site and the understanding team of professionals that didn't let my complaint fall in a crack.

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Re: Worst customer service...EVER.

Great, thank you so much for sharing! Please feel free to come back to the forums anytime you have a question.




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Re: Worst customer service...EVER.

Thank you for the positive post, I am glad you got your issue resolved.  If you ever have any questions comments or concerns about your service, feel free to post them here in the forum.  There are many people here who are ready, willing, and able to offer you help in the form of information, suggestions, and resources.  Enjoy.

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