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Worst customer experience of my life!


Worst customer experience of my life!

My experience with ATT has been so horrible that I had to make an account here so I could post about it. To give a brief background of the situation, I have just moved to a new apartment complex which has contracted ATT to provide U-Verse internet/television to the units. Prior to moving, I had brighthouse, but unfortunately I could not transfer brighthouse. I had no choice but to get Uverse.


I made an appointment for technicians to come install Uverse. The soonest they could come out was in 5 days. I made plans to not work that day so that the techs could do the installation. Techs show up and work on the installation but tell me that there is a problem with the fiber optics and that a seperate tech has to come out and fix it. The tech doing the installation told me that he would come back tommorow and finish it. Initially I was upset because I missed out on work for nothing but there is nothing I could do at that point. 


I wait for techs to come out the next day and no one comes out. Once again I wasted my entire day and no one bothered even calling. I call the uverse order management center (888-546-1141) and talk to a rep who tells me that there is a hold on my account because of the fiber optic issue but the problem is taken care of and they will call me back to set up a new appointment date and time. I get off of the phone with them but they never called me back.


The next day I call the uverse order managment center to find out whats going on. I speak to a representative who tells me theres a hold on my account and that they are waiting for someone to fix the fiber optic line. I explain to the represenative that I was told by another representative that the issue was taken care off and they were supposed to call back and reschedule. The representative said they would call someone to figure out whats going on and that they would call me back. I get off the phone with them and wait several hours. I never herd back from them. I call again and speak to a different representative and explain the same thing. Like the previous representative, they said they would figure out whats going on and call me back. I tell them that I have been told the same thing twice before and they stated "no sir, we have to call you back because these lines are recorded for customer assurance blah blah blah." The representative promises me that she would call me back and sure enough she never did. I call a few hours later and get hung up on twice before getting a hold of another representative. The represenative tells me this time that she figured out that the issue was resolved but that I would have to wait 5 more days for a technician to come out to finish the installation. At this point im furious for having wasted all this time and for them making me wait this long to get uverse installed. I told the represenative that this that I wanted to cancel everything. She gives me a number to call for the cancellation. I get off the phone with her and start checking to see if I can find another ISP. At this point I would havel paid twice as much to have any one else but unfortunately ATT is the only company that can provide internet/cable at this complex. 


I call back the next day to reschedule for a tech to come out and the representative tells me that there is a hold on my account. Once again I explain to the customer represenative that I have been told that the issue was resolved and explained to him the whole run around I have been getting. The represenative told me he would put me on hold and figure out what was going on. I figure that this was going to be the same crap that I had been going through before. This representative (DB622A) FINALLY!!! figures out that the hold had been screwing everything up and that it should have been taken off days ago when the fiber optics were fixed. As a result of the hold no one had ever bothered calling me back to reschedule. I would like to thank that representative (DB622A) for being compitent enough to fix the issue.


Had I not kept calling a million times, no one would have ever bothered calling me back due to that hold on my account. This whole scenario took place over 4 days and I lost $600 dollars of potential money that I could have earned had I not been waiting for these people to come install uverse. 

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Re: Worst customer experience of my life!

Hello, fawkes24!


Thanks for posting. I'm so sorry to hear about your recent experience with your service installation, and I understand your frustration. Have your services been installed yet? If you would like us to review your account and make sure everything is properly provisioned, please click here to send us a private message.


If you send us a private message, please provide your name, phone number, email address, and the best time to reach you. You can click on the little blue envelope icon in the top right corner of your screen for a response.


In the meantime, please let me know if you have any other questions or concerns!





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Re: Worst customer experience of my life!

Your apartment complex likely has an exclusive agreement with Uverse. It's a secret rent, kind of like the secret tax for living in cities with franchise agreements with cable TV operators. The complex could be getting money from Uverse for this exclusive agreement (thus the secret rent). Since you have no choice but Uverse, why should they care if you have good or bad customer service? It's not like you have a choice.

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