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Wireless vs. Cat-5


Wireless vs. Cat-5

I had to postpone a U-verse install yesterday because we couldn't find an acceptable solution. I have a TV on the 2nd floor, one in the kitchen on the first floor, and another in the basement. The installers were concerned that if the RG were installed in the basement or 2nd floor, wi-fi wouldn't be strong enough to link one to the other.


Installing the RG in the kitchen (the floor in between), would solve the wireless problem because it could reach both up and down a floor from there, but there is no acceptable way to run cable from the NID outside to the kitchen location, short of running it across the outside of the house and drilling through a brick wall. Further, my wife doesn't want both an RG and a DVR stuffed onto her kitchen counter. (I didn't need a STB for that TV with TWC.)


I have cable access to that spot, and POTS access, but the cable is old.


Reaching the RG in the basement from the NID, or even on the second floor would be easier. (Not easy, just easier.)


I assume that I could connect a DVR in the basement to the DVR on the second floor via Cat-5 (which I would need to install) and forego the wireless connection. Am I correct?


Does anyone see another solution?

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Re: Wireless vs. Cat-5

V - You are prepared to install on either the basement or second floor except for wi-fi?? Plug one of these puppies in on the first floor &B you will wi-fi throughout the house -
I extended my wi-fi by getting this unit that was recommended by some & called not good enough by others. Fairly easy to install & does the job.

Here are the start-up steps with a few editorial comments -

The instructions say plug-in, turn on, push WPS button on extender, within two minutes push WPS button on router & the two are related.

I was frustrated because I could not see feedback & it took a number of tries, but it does work. Here is more detail -

Make sure WPS is enabled on the RG.
Turn on extender - see yellow light - wait for green light - Push WPS button - WPS light will blink green,

On RG WPS button is at bottom front of a vertical RG (right if horizontal). Push that or push on RG gui ( this asks for password, maybe button does too)

Light on extender stops blinking & stays green.

See new account on a wireless wizard on a computer. Had to sign on to second account on ipad. We will see if it is seamless. It has been.

It appears to hold setting when removed from power.
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Re: Wireless vs. Cat-5

Thanks, but I'd rather run Cat-5 than tolerate the performance hit from a repeater.

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Re: Wireless vs. Cat-5

Have TWC then coax exits to desired locations.

tech installs new cat5 to RG in basement, by DVR location, install DVR on short premade Ethernet cable.
tech Replace all coax ends and coax splitter, use coax at basement TV to back feed IPTV to kitchen and 2nd floor.

No need to run new cat5 to other two locations The TV service will function just fine on coax as long as quality wiring.

if concerned about older wire to kitchen, place wireless receiver in kitchen, will need WAP in basement by RG, install 2nd floor set top box receiver on coax use coupler instead of splitter.

I do not understand why this could not have been done on first attempt? Are you insisting on cat5 install?

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Re: Wireless vs. Cat-5

I'm not insisting on anything except that the techs not run Cat-5 up the outside of a brick wall and drill a hole through that wall into the kitchen, and that the RG not be installed in the kitchen because there is no unsightly way to do that on a kitchen counter (the DVR is bad enough). Wireless is the only option they seem to have considered.


I asked them to stop the install until I could figure out an acceptable alternative-- they didn't offer to do that themselves. Running CAT-5 from the second floor to the basement is my suggestion, although it would be a bear to install.


There is coax to all three locations. It is a short run from phone service interface box, cable TV service and recently-installed NID to the kitchen and basement locations, but those cables were installed in 1980. It's a long run to the second floor bedroom.


Thanks for your input.

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Re: Wireless vs. Cat-5

On your second install attempt, the techs can measure the quality of the coax whether RG59 or RG6.
Using existing coax saves time, no new holes or outside wiring, just replaces all ends, wall plates if present, and new splitter (if 2 stbs) or coupler (if only 1 stb)
Would strongly encourage wifi stb for kitchen, allows mobility if wish, eliminating need for coax wiring allows STB to maybe be mounted under cabinet with minimum exposed wires.

And your welcome, hope things go well...once installed strongly recommend downloading uvrealtime, post screen shots if any questions or problems, many on here can help offer a different perspective and are willing to assist.
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*I am an AT&T employee and the postings on this site are my own and don't necessarily represent AT&T's position, strategies or opinions.
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