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Wireless receiver worth it?

Wireless receiver worth it?

I've been having problems with my non-DVR receiver and was thinking of trying to replace it with a wireless one.  (Has anyone corrected stuttering problems this way?  My current receiver is 4.5 years old and I'm thinking it's on its last leg.)


I was suprised when I contacted them this morning and they wanted to charge me $49 up front and $7 a month after that -- apparently the wireless version isnt included in my "free 2nd receiver" as part of the U300 package.  I would have thought they had some kind of free introductory offer to see if it was worth it.

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Re: Wireless receiver worth it?

Actually if you read the language on ATTs  adding a reciever page there is a $49 charge for professional installation and since ATTs practice is to mail the reciever there should not be a charge for self installation.


When I ordered my wireless reciever and pointed this out to them, the charge was waived.

To see this, add a wireless reciever to your account, click on the explanatiion of charges link, call customer service to order and they should waive the $49 fee due to self install ambiguities.



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Re: Wireless receiver worth it?

For orangecrushv, 1) yes safe to believe is wiring did swap power supplies with swap of STBs... if not possible flaky power supply.
2) yes wifi box bypass questionable wiring, plus comes with new power supply, must be used as different voltage rating than hardwired STB.
3) if have wire maintenance plan (monthly fee) no charge, otherwise service call is $ 99, ends, spkitter, wall plates no charge..if need new cable run add $55.

The $49 charge is basically for the WAP, not for the professional installation, as all labor charges are either standard $99 or dispatch on demand $149.
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Re: Wireless receiver worth it?

As stated above, the $49 fee for the wireless receiver is not an installation fee.

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