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Wireless receiver won't pair after being powered off


Wireless receiver won't pair after being powered off

I had a wireless receiver in an upstairs room, I wanted to move it to a room downstairs. I had the unit unplugged for a day or so but now when I have it in the downstairs room it won't pair. It just sits on the U-Verse screen with the spinning wheel in the bottom right for 20-30 mins until it says TV is unavailble. 


I am presuming it isn't paired as the pair led isn't lit on the WAP, however what is odd is that the wireless bars and the link led are lit on the receiver. When I first powered it up it went through the pair sequence and seemed to pair ok, but TV never appeared. Checking in the gateway I can see that the MAC address of the receiver was in the list but not active, oddly though it was the MAC that was written on the receiver but one digit out.


Since then when ever I power cycle it the pairing screen never appears, so I presume it has some memory where it remembers the WAP. 

I have tried the install sequence many times (in all kinds of orders), rebooted the gateway, hard reset on the gateway which refreshed the network device list, but all to no avail.

I haven't called customer service yet as I am finding it hard to believe that a unit that's big selling point is it can be moved around, can fail just by moving it!


Anyone have any ideas on what I can try before I call customer service?

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Re: Wireless receiver won't pair after being powered off

Call TS using the phone number in my sig and let the CSR know what is going on with your STB.  They should be able to get you straightened out.  When you get to the voice recognition system and ask for Tech Support just press the 0 button and you will be taken to a live human.

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Re: Wireless receiver won't pair after being powered off

Thanks for the reply. I spoke to customer service today. They had me do a factory reset on the receiver, which brought up the gear cog on the display, but the progress bar never moved. Eventually this went to a red X on the screen. We tried this twice with the same outcome, so the conclusion was the wireless receiver is broken and needs to be replaced.

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