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Wireless receiver without i38HG


Wireless receiver without i38HG

I apologize in advance for this lengthy post - trying to provide as much info as I can...


I'm sure I have an "unsupported" configuration but I've had it setup for quite some time now and it has been working exactly the way I want it to. I'm now trying to add a wireless receiver and I think my configuration is causing problems for me.  Before I start playing with my setup I was hoping someone might be able to point me in the right direction and save me some trial and error.


I'm using Uverse for TV and internet only - no voip.


I have an i3812V mounted on the outside of my house, a battery backup box (no battery since I don't have voip) inside the house and I used to have an i38HG gateway inside the house. 


As far as I can tell, the battery backup box exists solely to supply power to the i3812V.


My TVs are all connected via coax to the i3812V.


I completely removed the i38HG from my configuration and instead I have enabled the ethernet port on the i3812V and have my router connected directly to that. I can still access the Uverse Router UI via a browser and the Uverse router, tvs and my router all have internal ip's in the 192.168.0.* range.  The rest of my network devices are all on 192.168.1.*


Everything has been working flawlessly in this configuration until I decided I wanted to add a wireless receiver. When I try to setup the wireless receiver, I can get it to connect to the WAP, but then I get a "client initialization error". I'm assuming this is because the i38HG is not in place and it can't see the uverse equipment that is on 192.168.0.* since the WAP is plugged into the internal network in the 192.168.1.* range.


I was hoping someone could help me with a couple things:

1) Am I correct in assuming that I must have the i38HG in place for the WAP that comes with the wireless receiver to work?


2) If I need to put the i38HG back into operation, it's been a long time since I pulled it out so I can't remember exactly how it was connected. A few questions here:

2a) Can I keep all of my existing network configuration as-is and keep it all connected to the external ethernet port even if I connect the i38HG back in?

2b) I assume that I'll need to get the WAP from the wireless receiver connected into the i38HG so it's on the main uverse network instead of on the additional network i've created for all of my other devices, right?

2c) How do I connect the i38HG back in? I seem to remember that the cat5 cable coming into the house had 2 wires going to the battery box for power (still there) and I think there were only 2 wires going into a plug (think it was an rj11 (telephone) plug but could have been rj45). I think that was then plugged into the DATA port on the i38HG - is that correct?  Can anyone tell me the wiring scheme I need to use to put a plug back onto that wire and how the other end needs to be connected inside the i3812V?


Thanks in advance to anyone who can offer any assistance!


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Re: Wireless receiver without i38HG

Hi @tloomos,


I apologize about the issues you are having with the wireless receiver, but I will be glad to help. With the i38HG, it should not be necessary to have it working, but it would be best to use it. The i38HG acts a repeater so it follows all the settings of the main unit. The only difference is that the Quality of Service control implementation is in effect when behind the i38HG but not when you do a direct Ethernet connection. However, you still should be able to get past that error screen, and there may be an issue with how that box is provisioned on your account. I will have my team send you a private message to look into this further for you.


-David T

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Re: Wireless receiver without i38HG

So it occurred to me that there's an easy way to get the wireless receiver to be on the same network segment as the Uverse router and the other wired receivers. I plugged the WAP into the ethernet port on one of the existing wired receivers and that worked perfectly.


Is there any reason I would not want to keep it configured this way? It seems to be working properly.



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Re: Wireless receiver without i38HG

tloomos - That network port is designed as a feed, but many people do use it for connecting internet devices( when the feed is COAX). It is very convenient for smart TVs. I believe you are the first to report connecting a WAP.
If it works, it works. Just be prepared to have it blamed first if there are any problems because it is not officially supported.
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Re: Wireless receiver without i38HG

Would agree not supported.

Aa a tech dispatched for wireless receiver issue, first thing install the i38hg and connect WAP to ethernet port per design.

The only other option is request tech visit for 589 install removing inid, iPS and i38hg for single unit.... general repair time 2 to 3 hours plus 4 hour window for appointment.
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