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Wireless TV Receivers


Wireless TV Receivers

Why will my wireless TV receivers not work anymore.


I have reset, powered off, done everything..


The TV receivers do nothing but recycle power endlessly..


I have a Cisco WAP since Feb.  Service was fine untill yesterday..


This is annoying.

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Re: Wireless TV Receivers

Edit... Both TV's will recycle to 'On Demand' before dropping to a black screen with 3 dots..


Then bluescreen (with TV on) then then repeat.


The main tv hooked straight up to the 'main receiver' is having no problems..  only the 2 'wireless'

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Re: Wireless TV Receivers

Did you re-set (reboot) your RG?


Unplug everything...RG (modem), DVR and all boxes.  Wait a few minutes.


Plug in the RG and wait for all lights to come on.  This might take a few minutes.


Next, plug your DVR back in and wait for it to power up completely and you have a picture on your TV.


Now do the same for each wireless box:  Plug it in and see if they will start functioning.


Even if this doesn't work, when you call in to Customer Service, they're going to ask you if you've rebooted your entire system.


Good luck!

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Re: Wireless TV Receivers

Hello Stinkster,


Just checking up on your post. I noticed that Skeeterintexas shared a great step-by-step solution that can help resolve this issue. Were you able to get the wireless box working using these steps? If it still did not work then I would highly recommend checking out this thread and use the steps to perform a factory reset on the wireless box. Please feel free to post your results. We look forward to hearing back from you! Smiley Happy


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Re: Wireless TV Receivers

I did the complete reset as Skeeterintexas suggested. Everything was unplugged for over 10 minutes before powering back up in the order from post 3.


Still the same issues with the wireless receivers. Both power up with the Re-Think screen before going to view of 'Press OK for On Demand'. If I hit 'OK' and go into the on demand menu, it will let me watch shows. For example it let me load the show 'Bones' and then began to air it like normal.


However, as soon as I hit the 'Exit to TV' button and it brings up channel 2 both wireless receiver boxes start the power recycle loop.


Also, I attempted the reset that Morgan posted from the other thread last night when I first started having issues. I can try it again, but I have to leave for work now.


Also, the main receiver and TV that is not wireless continues to run without any issues.


Thanks for the help.. will check back when I can.

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Re: Wireless TV Receivers

After having the same issues after work last night again this morning with multiple wireless box resets/pulling power for extended periods of time to find a fix, I bit the bullet.


I went ahead and did a Master Reset on the Main Receiver/DVR. This appears to have resolved the issue. Both wireless receivers have seemed solid for the past hour. This did however as noted in your linked thread Morgan that all recorded tv is lost.


That wasn't a big loss for me but there were a couple of programs I would have liked to have kept.


Is there anyway to export recorded shows from the DVR to say an external USB Hard Drive? Just curious incase the need arises again to reset the DVR.


Again, Thanks for the suggustions and help.

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