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Wireless Setting


Wireless Setting

I have a 2wire 3800HGV-B right now for tv,internet, and phone.


I just bought a new router to get the function of wireless N since none of my equipments use wireless g anymore.


I want to use only the wireless on the new router, but keep everything the same.


I want to make sure im doing this right.


1. turn off wireless on the 2wire 3800HGV-B

2. plug the new wireless router into one of the NON Wan port on the 2wire 3800HGV-B

3. turn off dhcp and assign a static ip on the new router


If this is correct, the new router will handle wireless, and the 2wire 3800HGV-B will handle everything else?


Will i still get the same firewall protection and other security on my new wireless router?


Thank you

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Re: Wireless Setting

From Computer Joe:


This is what I did to use an "internal" router. I set my "internal" router to use DHCP for the WAN address, plugged it's WAN port in to the RG, reboot the "internal" router, let the RG assign a local address to the "internal" router and then set that address to the DMZ in the RG's management interface. When I go to the "internal" router's management interface it shows as having the same WAN, gateway, and DNS addresses that the RG uses.

I set the "internal" router to assign addresses to "my" side of the network in a different IP range than what the RG uses (192.168.2.* instead of 192.168.1.*) but using the same subnet mask ( My internet works fine with no interuptions and local network tasks (back ups, streaming, etc.) work as expected. I can also still access the RG from "my" side of the network when I need to without having to change any network settings or swap any cables. Leave DHCP running on the RG. You do not need to disable the firewall in the RG as the DMZ will open a pinhole through it to the address you pick (your internal router). If you have existing wireless on your router that your satisfied with and want to keep, just make sure to turn off the wireless in the RG.


As for the STBs they should be run straight out of the RG with CAT5 or RG6 Coax. Smiley Wink



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