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Wireless Receiver Question


Wireless Receiver Question

Ordered two wireless receviers to replace wired boxes.   Needed for portability and rearranging of rooms.   I had a wireless receiver before when they first became available, and wasn't overly impressed.   But I'm hopeful they have improved and I won't have any problems.


Question is:   Will I be able to get good performance if the wireless receiver is inside a glass doored media cabinet, or should it be left on top?   Would rather put it inside if it will work well.

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Re: Wireless Receiver Question

Wireless signals have to pass through materials to work ,the more obstacles, and the longer the distance can have an impact on performance. Best to ensure the Wireless Access Point is placed high as possible, at least 3 to 4 feet from RG, and ideally such that the signal does not have to pass through large metal objects such as refrigerator,micro wave, thick cement walls to reach receivers.

While the glass cabinet by itself should not be an issue as long as large enough to allow adequate air flow, if problems develop, my wish to try outside of cabinet. Personally recommend outside top of cabinet.

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