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Windows 8

Has anybody here tried theWindows 8 free consumer preview?

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Re: Windows 8

hpmsrm wrote:

I finally had time to sit down and read those blogs, S.J.   Thanks for providing the links.  I found them very interesting.  I'm kind of looking forward to Win 8....more than any of the previous versions....I think. long last....I can have one of those touch tablet PC's like Captain Kirk and Spock had in the early Star Trek episodes.

I am holding out for the famous Scotty line in Star Trek " Computer On".

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Re: Windows 8

Here's another blog entry from Microsoft on Evolving the Start Menu:
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Re: Windows 8

While I like the full screen look of IE 10, YOU CAN'T add Adobe Flash to it and you can't add tabs.


I wonder when the Windows 8 software come out if there will be a discount for those who have the preview version installed.


I noticed that you can keep the Windows 8 preview until January 2013. And you know APPLE will roll out their Mac commercials bashing Windows 8.


Good night.

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Re: Windows 8

They'll probably have the pre-order discounts like last time, but the family pack discounts didn't come until after the pre-order prices IIRC. Smiley Sad


I know I'll be forced to update eventually. 

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