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Posted Jul 3, 2013
9:55:37 PM
Why two web sites to manage the DVR?

We have...


And we also have...


Why?  Which one is the better one to use?

The team, otherwise known as the uVerse Technical Support Miracle Workers.

Why two web sites to manage the DVR?

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Jul 4, 2013 4:15:56 AM
ACE - Master
Edited by aviewer on Jul 4, 2013 at 7:37:55 AM

trparky - It's kind of hard to tell. We can only speculate. Notice that the also one has a star near the top in the middle for Favorites.

There were some posts a while back that indicated that the first one originally had the Favorites star & it went away.

If you want to use favorites, you need the also one. Note that every device has its own favorites list. There is no universal favorites list.

Not sure which of the two sites came first & why there are two. Probably the first was the first one you show. It happens.

There are also IOS apps available, such as U-verse for iphone or ipad.

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Re: Why two web sites to manage the DVR?

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