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Why is Uverse not available to my subdivision?


Why is Uverse not available to my subdivision?

I live in High Point Subdivision in Jonesboro, Ga. Uverse is pretty much all over Jonesboro, GA. I know there are many people that complain about lack of availability aroung the country but this case is kinda odd to me.


My subdivision is the only one in the area that doesn't have Uverse available. The sub directly behind (south) and almost connected to mine has it. The two that are across a street to our east has it. There is also a neighborhood across the street (north) of us that have it.


Basically every home in a square mile radius has it with exception of our sub. I honestly think it was more of an oversight by possibly the ATT manager in this area. I would like to know if possibly there is anyone to get in touch with in regards to this matter. I'm afraid that if we stay forgotten about, in the future we will only have the choice of DSL or Comcast cable. It may already be too late.


I know this may sound crazy but I want to have the option of Fiber Optic networking so bad that at this point I honestly think moving is my only option. This situation has me so bummed out. I feel like we will be left in the stone age when it comes to the internet.




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Re: Why is Uverse not available to my subdivision?

I don't know if you have done this or not, call the phone number in my sig and speak to someone in CS.  Have them check to see if it is available in your sub.  There have been some Subs who have not allowed Uverse to be installed because they have agreements with other service providers.  If you have and have not gotten a satisfactory answer click on the hyperlink in my sig and send a PM to Customer Care.

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