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Why do you tell me that Uverse is available at my address when it isn't?


Why do you tell me that Uverse is available at my address when it isn't?

I received four (!) emails from AT&T informing me that Uverse was now available at my address, so decided to check it out. Went to the AT&T store in the mall because waiting on hold for a representative is not one of my favorite things to do, and they very willingly answered all our questions, gave us a "great" deal and set up an appointment for installation 3 weeks later. Well that day was today; they were supposed to be here from 11 - 1 and when they hadn't shown up by 1 I called customer service. After talking to them and being on hold for a total of around 2 hours (no exaggeration), was told that they didn't come because Uverse was not available at my address. What? They said that the folks at the AT&T Wireless store at the mall had no business setting this up for us and that we really should have just called. Okay. We did get a letter confirming the secret 4 digit pin that we would need, but not once did anyone ever call or write to let us know that it is not available at our house and that no one would show up to install. Thanks AT&T for wasting four hours of my time today; I think I'll stick with Time Warner.

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Re: Why do you tell me that Uverse is available at my address when it isn't?

Hello @pabbrennan 


I apologize for this issue and wasted time. This is very odd, our stores in U-verse markets are definitely authorized to schedule U-verse installations. Our team can check on it for you if you'd like, you can send us a private message by clicking here.


Thank you,


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