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Why did ATT Uverse office disconnect my phone but not my internet?


Why did ATT Uverse office disconnect my phone but not my internet?

Alas, it has happened again. Last time I attempted to try ATT Uverse they came out 18 times to my house to try to get the service to work before I told them to forget it. This time it has only been two visits so far so I'm trying to keep an open mind.


It wasn't until after 7pm, when after the first (inside) tech left, and the second (outside) tech was leaving, that I was told the ATT Uverse Office for some reason failed to transfer over my phone service from my former provider and that I needed to call the ATT Uverse Office and ask them to transfer it again. Someone at ATT Uverse had transferred my phone service and then cancelled the transfer and then emailed me a survey asking me why I cancelled my service.


The second tech did not know or have access to a system which told who the first tech was or what she did.

Why is this? ATT Uverse is a modern company. You would think they would have the systems to let one hand talk to the other.


By time I was notified I needed to call again, the office was closed. In the meantime I'm paying for ATT's Uverse phone and internet service for a month and have not received either.Why is this? 


Why does ATT not run new wire like Directv runs new cable?


Why does ATT charge you to fix your existing wiring (instead of running new wiring) so you have to pay to become an ATT Uverse customer?


Does ATT not see the value in providing new wiring to its customers like Directv does? Why is this?


Why does ATT Uverse persist in behaving like a MaBell company instead of like a Directv who runs new cable and who has customer service calling me almost daily to be sure I'm a happy camper?


Does anyone at ATT or ATT Uverse have answers to these questions?


I would love to know.


Thank you.



A frazzeled Almost ATT Uverse Customer


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Re: Why did ATT Uverse office disconnect my phone but not my internet?

To get assistance with your phone issue, I would recommend that you send a Private Message to the ATTU-verseCare Community Specialist team.  One of the specialists will respond to your PM shortly.  Please look for the flashing envelope at the top right of the page for your response from a team member.


As for running new cable are you talikng about from the side of your house to each TV or are you talking from the side of your house to the AT&T box?  The techs will not run new cable in your house unless it's needed.  If it's usable then it's put back into service for your Uverse.  The outside line tech was probably clearing up any bridge taps on your cable pair so your Uverse could be installed.  Again they are not going to run new cable if what's existing can be used after they "condition" the pair/pairs.

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Re: Why did ATT Uverse office disconnect my phone but not my internet?

AT&T is not a modern company. It's been playing catch up and apparently doesn't know how to manage customer service.
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