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Why can't I upgrade!?


Why can't I upgrade!?

Many of you are probably thinking, "Not this again...". However, I lack the sufficient knowledge to answer this question on my own. I recently upgrade to the pro plan, new modem installed, and was wondering why that is the highest option available? The house in front of mine (approx 30 yards away) has the ability to get the power option and everything below it. At one point, my house, along with 4 others were the only houses on a small street, considered mostly rural and unincorporated. For the last 5 years, a new neighborhood has been built and I have checked the addresses and all can pick whatever option they please. Is this a physical issue (proper connections, outdated, power, etc...) or possibly an issue on att's side that needs updating? I have run cables from my home, half-way down the lines to meet other companies who wouldn't charge me. I'm willing to do the same in this instance. I'm hoping someone can shed some light on the restriction.


I will call at some point to receive a direct answer (true or not).


Thank you!

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Re: Why can't I upgrade!?

Two possibilities exist, but will need to request address validation to find final answer.

PRO (510RG) is highest speed profile, your on an adsl2+ circuit from the CO (central office) or IRAD (internet ready access device).
This long copper run is the limiting factor, the longer the line, the less services available.

The new neighborhood is on a vrad (video ready access device) most likely the lines are coming from the opposition direction

of your connection,the 30 yard distance is the divide. Example, your CO is 1.5 miles west while the VRAD is .5 mile east.
Your telephone lines are going the wrong direction to connect to the VRAD.
This is I believe the correct answer, a physical issue, BUT option ...

Two...your address in the database has not been updated to show vdsl circuit is available, if your outside lines are at the same cross box as those with full services, then more services (depending on loop length) should be available.

I have seen cross box immediately across the street (200 feet) serving the neighborhood to the North and West of intersection, yet the customers connection on the south side of the street came from 4500 feet away south and west of customers address, requiring a bonded install with 18M maximum internet capabilities instead of 45M POWER.
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Re: Why can't I upgrade!?

Update... I found out my lines go into another subdivision about 900 away. Granted, the houses over there still have full access to pro or below. However, I assume that the copper run is the limiting factor because of distance.


But, given your cross box example you provided, the 4500 feet still allowed an install of higher than 3M. Since my lines do go to a cross box with other consumers of higher availability, shouldn't better options exist?


Regardless, thank you for the quick reply. I'll have to call to have a tech come out and validate my address.

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