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When answering a call line is dead

When answering a call line is dead

This does not happen all the time but has happened 4 times this week. ( I have ATT uverse voice.)  I receive a phone call and when I pick up there is nothing there but a dead line.  I can see on the caller ID who the caller was so I hang up and try to return the call.  However, there is still nothing but a dead dial tone.  I hang up again and wait a few minutes.  Still no dial tone. Sometimes the caller will have left a message for me on the ATT voice service but my home answering machine does not take a message as the line has gone dead.  After about 10 minutes the dial tone returns to my ATT uverse phone.  Something is wrong.  I'm afraid to call repair as if they send out a repair tech and they can't find anything wrong I'll be charged a repair call fee. But this doesn't happen all the time so I don't know if it will do the "dead line" thing when the repair guy is here. 


Anyone have any ideas as to what is going on here????

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Re: When answering a call line is dead

Update.  Problem seems to have been solved by the new gateway.  Phone has worked fine since that was installed.  Hooray!

















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