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What's up with breaking IPv6 tunnels?


What's up with breaking IPv6 tunnels?


The firmware flash last night competely borked things up.  Router won't let IPv6 tunell packets through.


This is unacceptable behaviour for a "business" account.



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Re: What's up with breaking IPv6 tunnels?

Pretty common problem...if you haven't seen this thread, share in the pain and let you voice be heard...
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Re: What's up with breaking IPv6 tunnels?

That thread is marked as "solved" however I would not consider it solved because paying more for a higher end plan and changing the gateway out completely is not a solution in my opinion. 


Wish they'd allow us to downgrade the firmware back to get the IPv6 Tunnels back if AT&T isn't ready to deploy IPv6 yet. Makes no sense why they would completely disable it completely. 

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Re: What's up with breaking IPv6 tunnels?

The OP who posted is the one who marked it solved, for the OP
For others known issue from Rolande 9/02
Apparently there is a memory leak situation with IPv6 on the 2Wire/Pace gateways that is being actively worked on for resolution. Hence, why the widespread IPv6 rollout to existing RGs has been kind of stalled. The new firmware is also breaking customers with existing IPv6 tunnels passing thru from a router behind the RG which is also in the dev pipeline for fixing. These issues do not appear to exist on the new Motorola NVG589 platform but, regardless, the IPv6 profile is not being enabled by default, yet

From ATTDimity posted 10/4
working to enable IPv6 for all of our consumer broadband customers and when we have a firmware update for IPv6, we will push it to our devices and enable it. For more information, please refer to
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