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What is my monthly data useage for U-verse?


What is my monthly data useage for U-verse?

When I go to the usage page, all it says is:

Note: Your usage is not yet available for display. You should not be concerned about your usage for billing purposes. AT&T will keep you informed about your data usage via email...


So, Can you or can you not see your U-verse data usage?



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Re: What is my monthly data useage for U-verse?

You don't have to worry about exceeding any type of monthly usage limit as there is not currently one imposed on Uverse.

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Re: What is my monthly data useage for U-verse?

There is no way of telling, unless you run UVerse Realtime in the background of your computer all the time, so that it can aggregate all data going through the RG.

Really I would not worry about it.
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Re: What is my monthly data useage for U-verse?

Like BeeBee stated, if you are a UVerse internet customer the data caps are not being enforced.  So far AT&T has been unable to get an accurate counter in place.

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Re: What is my monthly data useage for U-verse?



AT&T still shows under data useage when you log in the monthly charge and not the data I use with U-Verse Internet. The phone rep said they put in a work order and still no changes. I live in an area where I will not get any faster internet them 3mb download. I told the phone rep if you can tell me how much data I use with U-Verse Internet then I can consider using a wireless data plan. Check today and the X and Y access of the grid still show month and charges not data useage like the tab says. 


They rep did say U-Verse Internet has a data cap of 250GB/Month. If you go over then AT&T will add additional fees. 

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