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What happened to SyFy?


What happened to SyFy?

I was looking at my scheduled recordings, making sure I have everything set up for fall. I see I have "Haven" on SyFy in the list, but that it's on 151, I wanted to set it to the HD channel (1151), but when I look at the guide online to do so, neither 151 or 1151 show up on the guide.


Did we lose SyFy? Did it move to a different channel? Am I doing something completely wrong?




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Re: What happened to SyFy?

Sounds like a glitch with the online info. 


They're all there (both 151 & 1151 and Haven) on the on-screen guide on the TV.

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Re: What happened to SyFy?

I had this issue a while back with a different channel. Doing a software update seemed to do the trick. Before you do that, try going to and running the wizard. 



If that doesn't work, unplug the DVR, wait 10 sec. and plug it back in. This should force an update without completely wiping your DVR.


Before you do the next step, call customer care @ 1-800-288-2020 or private message them @ attCustomerCare to make sure it's not an account issue. 


To do a complete reset (this will wipe your DVR clean of settings, recording, etc...), hold down the down arrow key and OK key, press and hold the Power key to power cycle the receiver. ----


Wait until a gear appears on the screen before releasing the down and OK keys.




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Re: What happened to SyFy?

Whereabouts are you located?  I know that the west coast now only gets the west coast feeds of Syfy (152 and 1152) and I had to reschedule all the series recordings I had that were previously set up on 1151.


When the channel update occured the previously scheduled recordings were not automatically flipped to 1152 I had to manually update.


Having said that if you are not supposed to (or do not have) the west coast feed I would pursue what others are suggesting.

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Re: What happened to SyFy?

@VooDooCC , are you still having trouble? It does seem to be an issue with the online guide. Please send us a private message here with your full name, account number and contact information. We'll try to help! 

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Re: What happened to SyFy?

I think the original poster was stating that SyFy wasn't showing up on the WEBSITE listings, but do show up on the receiver.

I too have seen this.  I was trying to schedule a recording from my laptop but noticed that the website guide skipped right over 151 Syfy, so I had to go to my u-verse receiver and set it there.

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