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What happened? Someone help please


What happened? Someone help please

I've had trouble with my internet the past few weeks. Recently I had 4 uverse tv dvrs installed in my house and I have the max plus(12mbps) subscription. I've had problems with my my connection due to damage at the box outside a pole near my house. After several visits from tech and maintainance these past few weeks they were able to connect me to a working port and fix the problem outside my house. They did however tell me that if there's more problems with the internet it's most likely due to damaged cables connecting the phone jacks around the house. Prior to all the repairs and installations, I was getting around 900kb/s dl speeds. Now after all the installations I get around 10kb/s even though my speedtest results showed great connection. I know that the tvs take up my internet but i had no idea it would be this bad. Even when not watching tv I only get around 50-100kb/s dl speeds at most. Should I invest an extra $10 for 24mbps internet or might it be possible damaged cables under the house.
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Re: What happened? Someone help please

The tvs work fine but I really suffer when I try to stream a video online from websites I've gotten great connection with before(YouTube, yahoo, Facebook)
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Re: What happened? Someone help please

Hello @RalphRumbaoa 


I'm sorry for the connection issue you're having, please send us a private message by clicking here and one of our U-Verse specialists will contact you directly to assist.


Thank you,


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