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What equipment to send back for uverse, keeping dsl?


What equipment to send back for uverse, keeping dsl?

Hi ,


Have no idea where to post this really. Discontinued uverse, and keeping At&t dsl, but am confused about what to send back? I know the receivers and remotes, but I will be charged a router fee, which I assume is the black box with ethernet lights, etc., but there's also the wireless access point? device and a large grey device, pretty heavy that says it's battery backup unit. Do I keep the black box, and send the rest back?


Thanks for any help!



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Re: What equipment to send back for uverse, keeping dsl?

You should have recieved instructions on what equipment to return. Check your mail to make sure you haven't missed them.


Along with the receivers, the following devices must be returned if rented:

- Pace/2Wire 3800 HGV Gateway

- Pace/2Wire 3801 HGV Gateway

- Motorola NVG589 Gateway

- Pace 5168NV Gateway

- Cisco VEN401/VEN501 or Motorola VAP2500 Wireless APs

- i38HG Gateway(if you're using a NID install)


Look for those model numbers.


The battery backup is not to be returned. If you do not need it, please recycle this device responsibly.


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Re: What equipment to send back for uverse, keeping dsl?

If you have Uverse TV you have Uverse Internet. Not DSL. If you are keeping Internet service, return everything but the modem and battery back up. Take the equipment to a ups store with your Uverse account number. Ups will ship it all back to att. Keep the list of equipment from ups. When I returned my tv equipment, I got a text message when the equipment was received by att. Call customer service and ups to verify if this is the correct procedure for your area.
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