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What do these highlighted errors mean?


What do these highlighted errors mean?




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Re: What do these highlighted errors mean?

First, note that you're showing the stats of only one pair of a bonded-pair installation.  This tells us nothing about what's going on on the other pair.


Note that your RG has been collecting for nearly a week.  In that time:

(Link Retrains) The RG got fed up with line noise and other issues and decided to renegotiate the entire connection with the VRAD.  Normally this is normally preceeded by several occurences of the "Loss of..." failures.

(DSL Training Errors) During those 4 training sessions, there were 3 times there were severe errors trying to accomplish training.

(Loss of Framing Failures) Due to the [poor] quality of the signal, the RG couldn't even detect when packets began or ended this many times.

(Loss of Signal Failures/Loss of Margin Failures) The signal to noise ratio got to the point the RG couldn't pick out the VDSL2 signal at all this many times.

(Cxx.* Seconds w/ [Severe] Errors) There have been a total of [18]21 seconds when data couldn't pass through the connection due to severe errors (above).  This does not include the time spent during retrains.

(Corrected Blocks): Packets which had a detected error, but the error correction code was able to figure out what the corrupted data should have been.  A certain number of these is normal, and your numbers aren't too bad.

(Uncorrectable Blocks): Packets which had a detected error, and there was no way to reconstruct the data.  The data had to be sent (or was lost in the case of retry-less protocols, such as multicast IPTV).  

(DSL Unavailable Seconds): Basically the time spent doing retrains.


Except for Corrected blocks, you hope for ZERO of these.  I see that most of your errors last happened 36 hours before the screen shot, which likely means that your line is okay some of the time, but at other times gets excessive interference, or has a short from something like water leakage, or....


I suggest you get AT&T to look at this line, but since it can go as long as 36 hours without a significant problem, they may have trouble finding the issue.  You may have to try to figure out what may be causing the issue (thunderstorms, heavy rains, excercise equipment, etc.)


*Note, I replaced the utterly offensive abbreviation [at least the forum software felt it was utterly offensive] for Cumulative with "Cxx."  How AT&T or 2WIRE live with themselves for allowing such a naughty word to be displayed by their firmware, who knows?  Yes, you may detect a hint of sarcasm.

*The views and opinions expressed on this forum are purely my own. Any product claim, statistic, quote, or other representation about a product or service should be verified with the manufacturer, provider, or party.
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