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Welcome Email Broken Links


Welcome Email Broken Links

Dear AT&T,


I recently received a "Welcome to the AT&T Community" email when I registered for the account I am now using to post this message.  Deciding that I had wasted my time, I attempted to follow two links in that email which could be used to disable my account.


The two links were:  "Never e-mail me again" which led to; and, "Remove me, someone registered using this e-mail address by mistake" which led to  Both of these URLs are the same, and both do not work (HTTP 404 Page)


More and more I discover e-mail links such as these do not work.  I think you, whomever runs this forum, should fix this so others can  cancel their service if need be.  At the very least, if someone's address was inadvertently registered, that afflicted person has an easy to use "out."



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Re: Welcome Email Broken Links

I've contacted one of the Mods to see if they can look into it.



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Re: Welcome Email Broken Links

Hello NicodemasSimpson and welcome!


I am sorry for the trouble you are experiencing with the links received in the "Welcome email"


The links that you have listed do indeed indicate a 404 error.


I have sent you a Private Message. Please click on the blue envelope private message envelope.gif in the upper right hand corner of any forum page.




Community Moderator

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