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Weak signal from Pace 3801 HGV Residential Gateway


Weak signal from Pace 3801 HGV Residential Gateway

The wi-fi signal from my Pace 3801 only reaches 2 bars on my Grace Mondo wi-fi radio, located @ 50 feet away.  The radio frequently loses the wi-fi signal, and takes 30 - 60 seconds to recover.


How do I improve the wi-fi signal?  Is there a newer/more powerful residential gateway available, or an antenna that could be used with my Pace 3801?  I have seen mixed reviews of wi-fi range extenders and poweline adapters and prefer not to add more wall warts.  A solution that improves the wi-fi signal at the source would be preferred.   

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Re: Weak signal from Pace 3801 HGV Residential Gateway

Hi @sendin 


Sorry you're having these issues but, I would highly recommend checking out this thread (courtesy of SomeJoe7777) it has a lot of different factors that cover Minimizing Wireless Interference and getting the most out of your wireless internet service. Hope this helps! Smiley Happy

- MorganCS
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Re: Weak signal from Pace 3801 HGV Residential Gateway

You should use channel 1,6, or 11 unless a majority of your neighbors already do not. If a majority of them do, then you should use 1,6, or 11. Overlapping a network causes a much higher drop of throughput compared to being on the same channel. I/major companies have tested this and have found that just because there's a lot of networks on say 6 and 11, but few on 8 mean that it's the best channel. You begin receiving major overlap noise from 6 and 11 and it'll destroy your throughput. If no one uses these channels in your area, it's not really worth fighting them since your 2.4 GHz is a mess anyway.


There are a few new gateways:

Pace 5031NV

Pace 5168NV




Since you have the Pace 3801, you probably have TV service or fiber to the home. Due to that, you would only be able to use the NVG589 or NVG599 on that list. The 5168NV technically supports your setup, but AT&T does not plan to commonly use those on that setup type. The NVG599 is fairly new and would be extremely difficult to find. So, you only have the NVG589 left on that list to receive. The NVG589 is only given to power tier customers, homes with repeat issues, lucky new subscribers, and customers who are too far from the VRAD serving their area.


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Re: Weak signal from Pace 3801 HGV Residential Gateway

Thanks, Morgan.  There is a lot of helpful information in the link you provided, but after reading thru the recommended trouble-shooting process that included a $20 purchase for diagnostic software to identify interference sources with my wi-fi Lan, I concluded that I did not have adequate technical knowledge to chase down potential interference sources and attempt to reset my Gateway to a channel less subject to that interference.  Also, one of the most typical source of interference, cordless telephones, did not apply in my situation since my 6.0 DECTcordless phones operate at 1.92GHz to 1.93 GHz., outside the range that would conflict with wi-fi. Instead of attempting to resolve wi-fi issues, I decided to try establishing connectivety from my Residential Gateway to the Grace Mondo internet radio via  ethernet over power line.  This afternoon I installed a Netgear Powerline AV Adapter that appears to have solved the problem of weak signal and drop outs with repeated buffering that I had previously experienced with  the Mondo. 

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