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WOW. I never thought AT&T could be this horrible.


WOW. I never thought AT&T could be this horrible.

I've been a u-verse customer for about 2 months. And I have down 3 days without internet or landline. I thought this only happened in the early '60's. Finally somebody came solve the problem and replace the modem.router. I was elated. OK, I will live through that. But when it came time to use it from my bedroom or guestroom (let alonhe the next floor), I could not get a wireless signal- very weak - or non-existent. It turns out that they have installed an 802.11.g. I have been surprised when I was asked by AT&T to pay $100 for my initial eqipment but I thought it was a cheap price to pay for At&T technology. I called up customer service and was connected to tech support. I told them my problem and that I wanted an N version which would afford me greater coverage. Sherwin ( I think that was her name) declined my request saying that they only give out the N version to those customers that are far from their stations. I could not believe myself when I heard this response since the N has nothing to do with distance from the AT&T station but the distance from the wireless router to the client devices.


I asked them for my $100 back but they refused and said that if I discontinue my service I will have to incur a hefty penalty charge. That means I will be out the $100 for an antiquated technology plus the penalty. After calming down a little bit, I have decided to just purchase some good rpeater (definitely AT&T) and fight them as I know how- through social media. Let the world know that U-verse technology is ancient and is SLOW and that technical and customer support sucks!


OK. Bring it on!

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Re: WOW. I never thought AT&T could be this horrible.

No need to cross post or multiple post, I replied to your other post with a suggestion that can get your issue resolved.

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