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WIFI only found on one pc? Iphone, Ipad and Other laptops dont see it.


WIFI only found on one pc? Iphone, Ipad and Other laptops dont see it.

Last week Uverse internet was installed in my apartment.

Everything was working perfect and could not be happier!


Then two days ago I came home and to my surprise my laptop was not connected to my network.

I was like ooohh whattt! so I then try to connect to it and it just kept saying cant connect or it would connect

and disconnect. Then I realized it is like this in my ipad it says cannot connect to network or my iphone but my iphone works for a good while then disconnects.


When the network does show up its at full bars but cannot connect to it. I even move my laptop right next to the router and still is unable to connect. However, the desktop thats right next to the router works flawlessly.

I have two ps3's that also work without a hassle and they are plenty far from my router. I cannot figure out what the issue is.


I tried a factory reset on the router but that didnt do much. I also tried manually putting the entwork on my pc and still nothing. I had to leave my house but what I saw on my desktop was that the router password is inputted as tkip and when i look at the laptops it thinks it is AES. Now i changed it to tkip on the laptop but had to leave to school. Why do you guys think this happen out of no where? I mean it was working perfect for a couple of days then randomly stopped on the ipad and two laptops and sometime on my iphone.

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Re: WIFI only found on one pc? Iphone, Ipad and Other laptops dont see it.

Ok so for the first five days the service worked i would get the 18 mbps that I should and even more over wifi. After I saw issues now the wifi barely gets 2 mbps even right next to it. When i connect ethernet cord i get 21 mbps. Could this be a router problem?

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Re: WIFI only found on one pc? Iphone, Ipad and Other laptops dont see it.

I called support and they are sending a technician out tomorrow, I will reply to what the results are after he comes. Thanks for the support

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Re: WIFI only found on one pc? Iphone, Ipad and Other laptops dont see it.

I agree with @aviewer, if there is enough wireless interference it could be problematic. Here's something to try.


If you're using Windows

I recommend using Network Shell to see if there are any uncongested channels. 

  1. Press the Windows Key + R.
  2. Type "CMD" and press enter.
  3. Type "netsh"
  4. Type "wlan"
  5. Type "show all"
  6. Look for the last category (Show Network Mode=BSSID)

It will display available SSIDs, Wireless technology being used (wireless b/g/n), the channel in use, as well as some other relevant information. 


The channels that occur most frequently are the most used channels. Unfortunately for true, no-overlap channels, you're limited to three; 1, 6, and 11. (Although some claim poor performance on channels 1 and 11, thus the most frequent use of channel 6.)* You'll then want to "forget" the networks on your devices and reconnect.

* For available networks, for example, in my area there are 12 SSIDs, all are on Wireless G  except for 5.  One is Wireless B, four are Wireless N. (Ironically in my area all networks except for two are on Channel 1 and 11, except for one that's on channel 7.) I am the only multi-AP set-up so I have two BSSIDs, my RG is on channel 6 and my AP is on channel 3. This will appear like this on netsh.


    Network type            : Infrastructure
    Authentication          : WPA2-Personal
    Encryption              : CCMP
    BSSID 1                 : [Removed] <- My RG's MAC Address
         Signal             : 95%
         Radio type         : 802.11n
         Channel            : 6
         Basic rates (Mbps) : [Not Relevant]
         Other rates (Mbps) : [Not Relevant]
    BSSID 2                 : [Removed] <- My AP's MAC Address
         Signal             : 65%
         Radio type         : 802.11n
         Channel            : 3
         Basic rates (Mbps) : [Not Relevant]
         Other rates (Mbps) : [Not Relevant]


 Wireless routers on the same channel with strong signals may pose a bigger threat in terms of interference. 

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Re: WIFI only found on one pc? Iphone, Ipad and Other laptops dont see it.

The 5031 is a b/g/n 2.4 ghz wireless....meaning same frequencies as everybody else.
Too many think N is 5ghz, but that is only if have a dual band (2.4/5) router which the 5031 is not.
Not an issue connected harxwired,if signal strength is good (bars) then not an RG issue thus wireless interference issue.
Some products (apple) seem to prefer central or upper channels while performing poorly on lower.

Solutions in crowded environment, stay hardwired, or invest in dual band router placed behind 5031 in DMZ, IP pass through mode. Disable 5031 wireless use dual band if devices are N compatible or need to also invest in N adapters.
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Re: WIFI only found on one pc? Iphone, Ipad and Other laptops dont see it.

My suggestion would be to go into your RGs control panel via

Get the Device Access Code/System Password from the side of the RG, it is NOT the same as the wireless network key. Then goto your wireless network configuration page. Find the wireless channel and make sure it's NOT on AUTO.  If it is, lock it into a channel besides 1, 6, or 11. I usually use 9. I'd be willing to bet money it will at least make it better. It won't always fix it, but that auto channel feature is garbage and they should remove it from the gateways.

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