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Very frustrated...


Very frustrated...

Has anyone had issues with AT&T customer support?  I have been nothing but frustrated with thier level of service.  Switched from DSL a month ago and haven't had internet at home for a week now.  Jennifer

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Re: Very frustrated...

Welcome to the club. On a scale of 1-10 AT&T service ranks -50.


Just a few of my issues... so far and I've only been a customer 19 days.


1. still nobody can resolve my email client issue


2. Nobody knows what the Gateway wants when it asks for a password. There's

    two 10 digit numbers on the bottom, a wireless network key and access code. Neither work as

    the password.


3. My install tech "forgot" to run a Ethernet from the Gateway to my desktop pc in another room.

   Instead gave me a D-link WiFi dongle that at best gave spotty performace, it failed today another

   tech coming tomorrow. Will be my third already.


4. Audio almost every day now gets garbled requiring you change channels to clear it up.


5. If you have issues you are suppose to send a private message to some CM who are suppose to

    all be AT&T employess. They claim they will respond in 48 hours. Fat chance. I've wrote a bunch

    of them, so far one responded and his response didn't resolve my issue.


No, I'm not happy with AT&T service/support at all. I've been a stockholder for decades, my uncle worked there for almost half a century. If and it is a big if, you get past all these kind of issues the products are fine, my Internet speed is fast and above the rated performace and TV reception on HD channels is excellent, sharp, fully saturated.

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