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Vastly worse replay than first 12 year old TIVO need frame by frame slow motion


Vastly worse replay than first 12 year old TIVO need frame by frame slow motion

I just got U-Verse today and while the dvr is better than most non TIVO units I've experienced it is lacking a core use that was even on my 2001 TIVO DVR


I cannot make it show recordings in super slow motion and toggle back and forward by tenth of a second ticks.. or even watch it faster at 1 / 10th speed.


One of the distinguishing features of DVR vs live TV is the ability to analyze and replay portions of videos you are interested particularly in.  I will watch a quarterback or golfers form in a throw or swing on particular plays to see what habit might have caused an errant throw.  I will watch where the eyes of a referee were on when in close proximity to a play with both a tripping foul and bobble or arm push.


I will watch political debates to analyze involuntary reactions in body posture, or look closely at a second candidate for signs of smirks etc ,  both of which might be quite telling in terms of where true sentiments lay.


If there is a detailed technical discussion (like one for engineers) please direct me to that.  Short of explaining how the digital information is stored in a method that does not allow a simple software option (buttons can be overcome with screen options or key press combos to activate) .....


.... I cannot help but feel that the gross failing in terms of a tech level below what existed 12 years ago is a deliberate choice to limit the viewing experience.


Are they there to serve me with the best quality they can readily attain or are they purposely throttling what my ablity to analyze televised events for some unknown reason ?

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Re: Vastly worse replay than first 12 year old TIVO need frame by frame slow motion

You are not alone in wanting sllow motion out of the UV DVR.  Luckily I started reading these forums (here and Uverseusers) long before I subscribed, so I knew about this missing feature.  Do you remember the 7 Up commercials from the 80's "Never had it, never will.?"  Applies here (maybe), "U-Verse SloMo Never had it, never will."  Will UV ewer get SloMo?  Maybe but I'm not holding my breath.  I've been hearing about the lack of SloMo since 2008.

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Re: Vastly worse replay than first 12 year old TIVO need frame by frame slow motion

haha .. "Never had it never will" --- I hadn't thought of that one for a while. (but I have thought of "put the lime in the coconut and shake it all up" )


Before posting I did a few searches to make sure I wasn't just being braindead and unable to find a basic function.

While searching I found posts each year from 2009 on asking for the function(and I'm sure many other such threads not showing up in search results)  I could understand if the failure had been due to some technilogical issue that created an unforseen limitation in the first iterations of a new system but at this point I can only see it as a deliberate choice not to provide the capacity.


I spent some more time with the machine.  I can hit pause over and over and get a still "shot" in less than 1 second intervals .   I can get some rigged version of super slowmo if I spam a button every half second... but thats hardly workable and it is unpleasant to get the sound and jerky slow motion movment and will miss portions you want in slow mo between pauses.


I can watch in scan mode using fast forward and reverse in various different speeds.  That is pretty spiffy for SKIPPING between content but it doesn't let me Enhance what I do choose to watch.   If they have the technology to let me watch a show at various speeds faster and also have the technology to let me stop and start playback with the pause button I really can't grasp how the system could not also slow the "fast forward" speed to a speed that was mutiples below the normal speed in the same way as we have choices of how much faster it goes.


The way the current "pause" function works shows that  having a  "frame" by frame" toggled advance and reverse isn't a limitation based on how the information is stored but almost certainly just a UI choice.





I can't imagine watching football without going back and watchting pivitol plays mutiple times in super slow mo... once watching the quarterback, others watching the lines.  I'll pause it in slow mo to look at what seam the running back saw.. which lineman got double teamed.   


Its not just sports.  I mentioned how I used the super slow mo in presidential debates.   I also enjoy it for Project Runway to be able to see the outfits a second time or two more carefully,  have a chance to look at the way the garment flowed etc... and there is a certain elegance you can see in slowed movement too.  Watching Fred Astair and Ginger Rodgers dance performances in super slow motion is almost more beautiful than at normal speed.




I need to find a work around ASAP or turn in my box for basically false presentation from the marketing folks.   It does not do what the Tivo does in a core feature (12 year old technology -  we practically held bricks against our heads to use a cell phone back then and I'm not sure there was even texting then and certainly not youtube(maybe beta) ).


Luckily I didn't cancel my Comcast and Tivo subscriptions yet although my second Tivo(7 years old, not 12 years old) seems due for an upgrade.








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