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Uverse showcase coral reef


Uverse showcase coral reef

I accidentally deleted the coral reef showcase I had saved for over a year.  I am totally devastated because my 2 year old son loves to watch it and keeps asking for his "fishies".   Please help!  can anyone give me any info on that show so I can find a copy somewhere?  It isnt listed as scheduled anytime soon.


first baby tv and now this! poor guy!



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Re: Uverse showcase coral reef

While not knowing about coral reef showcase, Uverse does have two channels that may help.

1100 and 2500 often have underwater scenes, 1800 has some interesting programing throughout the year may wish to record. Springtime generally has butterflies, and can find some things on birds of the Amazon, firework displays around the Independence Day, and various concerts at night.

These channels are in HD, available to all, even if do not have HD package ($10) per month.

Recommend spent sometime, might find new programing your child and/or your family might enjoy.

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