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Uverse service tied to a specific gateway?


Uverse service tied to a specific gateway?

I recently had a power outage which fried my modem. I called AT&T and they sent me a new modem which was set to arrive Friday 6/13. However the package sent was about an hour late so I called AT&T again and the representative said that the order wasn't processed correctly, so he put in an order for a modem and said it should arrive Saturday june 14th. About 10 minutes after I got off the phone a modem arrived via FedEx.

I took out the modem that arrived and plugged it up and when I did I got a flashing green and red broadband light and the service light was not on at all. I went through AT&T tech support, but I don't think that I was able to clearly communicate what is going on and they told me a tech needed to be sent out.

I really dont want to have to pay the charge for the tech to be dispatched which is why I'm posting here.

Ultimately I would like to know if my service is tied to one specific modem?

Essentially there are potentially 3 different modems in play. Modem #1 is the fried modem that I have to send back. Modem #2 is the replacement modem that I received on Friday 6/13, and modem #3 is the modem that is supposed to arrive Saturday 6/14.

If my service is tied to a specific modem that would explain why modem #2 is not functioning correctly, because my service would now be tied to modem #3 and modem #2 would not be getting a service signal.
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Re: Uverse service tied to a specific gateway?

Yes, the RG is tied to a specific account.


Call CS back and attempt to get #2 provisioned.  If that doesn't work, demand a truck roll since none of this was your fault OR wait for #3 and see if that one works.  If it does, great.  If not, again, ask for a tech visit.

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Re: Uverse service tied to a specific gateway?

Which RG is original which is received.

ADSL2+ no option for IPTV service is the Motorola 510.

VDSL option for IPTV but not subscribed models are 3600 or 5031.
VDSL option for IPTV and subscribed models are 3800 or 3801 shipped also 589 from a techs truck.

A remote possible is your an inid install with original indoor unit being i38hg and was shipped a standard RG listed above.

THE other possibilities include flashing red green broadband is a line issue either outside nonbillable or inside wiring billable. Only a tech visit can determine which and resolve.

Note.... the 510... the 3600... and 5031 are customer purchase units charged $100 and come with a 1 year warranty. The other listed models are leased and your being charged $7 per month. This may help to determine what you should have received.
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Re: Uverse service tied to a specific gateway?

All 3 modems are 3801. I tried getting modem #2 reprovisioned, but modem #3 was already in transit so they couldn't reprovision it for me.

I received modem #3 today and plugged it up and still got the flashing green/red broadband signal along with the service light being off. So I have a technician coming out tomorrow to take a look at it.
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