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Uverse router reboots when downloading


Uverse router reboots when downloading

Just switched to Uverse from Comcast, but wondering if I should have...



When downloading anything more than a webpage (ie... podcast via my iphone, itunes album via my mac), I will lose all wireless connections.



1. Use any wireless device connected to network (iphone, ipad, computer...)

2. Download data in large packets (video podcast, itunes video, torrent...)

3. Wireless drops and 2wire router/modem shuts off.

4. All devices loose connection, including TVs and DVR.

5. Visualize at the same time of wirelss loss that all 2wire router/modem lights go out, and the 2wire reboots.

6. Lights come back on and connection is reistablished.

-Able to reproduce everytime.


Diagnostic in router:

firewall alert and "unexpected shutdown" noted


Other info:

2 macbook airs

2 ipads

2 iphones

3 kindles

one wired dvr tv box

two wireless tv boxes

-TVs run most of the time

-Maybe one or two non tv devices on at a time, max.


Please help.  What settings do I need to change on the router, and/or do I need another router.



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Re: Uverse router reboots when downloading

Hello JBoo,

I'm sorry about your gateway rebooting when initiating large data downloads. I can help you test your account and investigate further. I sent you a Private Message to gather more information and help resolve this.


If you encounter any issues with your service or equipment, I recommend checking out our Troubleshoot & Resolve solutions to help diagnose the issue.
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