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Uverse problems


Uverse problems

Ive only been with uverse for 2 days and the problems have already started! The Sales people are complete liars! 

1) I was told the installation fee would be waived, then when I look at my account it is not

2) The woman who sold me the service said I was entitiled to (2) $150  rewards cards totaling $300. One for signing up and one for my husband being a military discount.This was one of the main reasons I signed up. .......but now I see there is only one reward card totaling only $150.

3) The package/bundle I got was U200 and the person told me that the internet speed would be 12mbps for $95, my problem with this is that I looked at the prices online and it is cheaper to get U200 with 18mbps for $89. I would like to change to the faster speed if Im paying more anyways. 

4) The entire time I was being sold this bundle the woman said that I would get U200, HD, HBO, Cinemax and the internet as a promotion for 1 year. Of course this sounded too good to pass up! HBO and Cinemax included!....Well this sales woman lied, HBO and Cinemax are only for 3 months. 


I feel I was completely taken advantage of and lied to.  I had to call  ATT to get these issues resolved (twice already) and it seems no one knows anything about anything. Can i cancel....umm no because I looked on my service and it says there is an early termination fee which of course the sales woman never mentioned.  I have been with ATT wireless for a long time and the entire U-verse experience has really made me want to switch everything. 


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Re: Uverse problems

Bertha2g, am sorry to hear of your dissatisfaction, while I cannot help resolve, I would like to maybe clear up one or two points.
1) there are normally three installation fees....
.....a $149 professional installation fee, this is the one that is waived
..... a $49 service activation fee, normal not waived unless sign up online
.........a $29 not waived
2) while not familiar with military discount and not listed on website this discount may be handled differently
But definitely believe you are entitled to. How did you sign up, door to door outside (contractor) rep or at a store? As was not done online.
3) your $95 plan, without details I suspect the following (ordered before price increase Jan.26th)
U200 $74, Max $51 total 126 minus $47 discounts equals $79
Add HD fee $10, add 1 extra receiver for total of $95.
Please not the $89 online offer for u300, Max Plus does not include HD fee, extra receiver(s), HSIA fee, or local access fee
Detail breakdown ofonline offer new price structure....
U300 $92, Max Plus $56 total $148
Discount $59 (1 yr) total ..........$ 89
Add HD $10...............................$ 99
Add extra receiver $8...............$107
Add HSIA fee $7.......................$114
Add local tv fee $2.99..............$116.99 plus taxes

If desire to move to this package recommend calling, ask for RETENTIONS, to modify your plan.
HBO/Cinemax free for 3 months, afterwards add $26 per month....
The only package with both HD included and HBO/Cinemasx included free for a year is u450 tv package.
On u300 $ 92 ,plus HD $10, plus HBO/Cinemax $26 this is $128, u450 is $124 saves $4 per month moving to u450.

If desire can cancel all services within 30 days, save $180 ETF, still responsible for installation charges.
From Uverse fine print details....

30-Day Money Back Guarantee: Offer ends 3/29/14. Must cancel all AT&T U-verse services within 30 days from service activation. Adjustment provided for monthly recurring charges only. Customer is responsible for all additional charges including but not limited to installation, On Demand, Pay Per View, international calls, other pay-per-use features, non-returned equipment charges, and any other one-time fees.

Hopefully this answers all questions except military discount, if more questions please ask, thank you.
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Re: Uverse problems

I certainly do apologize for the problems that you've had. The installation fee of $29 is no more, so it should automatically have been waived. The $49 activation is more likely what you're seeing. This fee is waived if you order through or with an online sales agent who is able to waive the activation as we match all online offers. Also the promo that you're seeing that gives you 18.0 with U200 (although I have a feeling it's actually U300) for $89 like mythoughts said, does not include the $6 rental fee for the residential gateway, doesn't include HD and also does not include cost for any potential secondary receivers, which are $7 a month. With the promo for this you would have to maintain minimum levels of U300 and 18.0 to keep the bundle discount. If you were to try to downgrade to levels lower than these to try and save a little money, you would actually wind up costing yourself more money because it would void the bundle promo and both the tv and internet would go up to full price. The bundle promo that you're on actually gives you a little more flexibility because most likely the minimum requirements for the bundle that you're on you only need to maintain at least U-Family tv service, the lowest tier we have, and 6.0 on the internet, to keep the bundle promo.

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*I am an AT&T employee and the postings on this site are my own and don't necessarily represent AT&T's position, strategies or opinions.
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Re: Uverse problems

Those are great answers, thank you guys!


Hello @Bertha2g 


I hope and were able to help you understand some of our offers. We can also look into your account and provide you some account specific assistance, verify your rewards and make sure you have the best plan. Please send us a private message by clicking here with your name, phone number and the best time you can be reached.


Please let us know if you have any other questions.


Thank you,


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