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Uverse issues


Uverse issues

Sorry I have no idea where to post this and I'm hoping someone can help me.  I've called AT&T numerous times, talked to all kinds of tech support, had engineers out saying my service is fixed and been lied to by a supervisor. So my Uverse went down on Thursday Aug 1st.  Called, got a tech who troubleshot the DVR.  She said it was the DVR, shipped a new one to us which arrived Saturday Aug 3rd.  Hooked it up, did not work, so called back tech support who again troubleshot over the phone.  Still could not get TV service to work.  They dispatched a higher level tech to home on Tuesday Aug 6th who was here for 6 hrs and could not fix it or get service back.  Another tech came out on Aug 7th while I was at work, worked on lines and left.  I got a call from 1-800 number to let them know if service is still down (WHY DID TECH NOT VERIFY IT WASN'T WORKING BEFORE LEAVING?!!! My daughter was home!) when I got home from work.  it was still down (I knew that!).  I called AT&T again on Aug 7th, got moved from 1st level to tech level and then transfered to senior tech level and got disconnected after being placed on hold.  Spent 30 mins with no resolution.  Called back again and demanded to speak to someone that could help me.  I did not want to speak to SO many darn people.  I needed a tech cause that's all that can fix this issue.  Ended up being told a supervisor would call me back, whom did 5 mins later.  This supervisor (or so called supervisor) told me it's no use to send out another tech cause the box is not showing activation until 8pm on August 7th!!!!  Ok, so you send me a NEW dvr on Aug 3rd but don't set it to activate til Aug 7th.  I kinda got alittle upset and didn't believe him.  So, I told him I'd wait til that evening, if it doesn't work this morning (Aug 8th) I'd call them back again.  I'm so tired of getting the run around.  I'm about to call them today and ask for retention and go back to Comcast.  It's not right to treat your customers this way.  I've been without TV now for a week and nobody can seem to help me.  It's just not worth it to me.  BTW: Our DVR has no LINK light and my husband thinks that's the issue but nobody seems to care.  Anyone know what I can do?????

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Re: Uverse issues

If the DVR has no link light it's never going to work.  How is the DVR connected to the residential gateway (RG)?  Via a Cat 5e cable or COAX?  If it's a cat 5e cable you could move the cable on the residential gateway to another port.  Maybe the one it's in now is bad.  Also change the Cat 5e patch cord either from the wall outlet to the DVR or from the RG.  Maybe the cable is bad.


If it's coax check to make sure all of the connections are tight at the wall and the DVR.  It could also be a bad splitter.  To trouble shoot this get a Cat 5e patch cord and plug it directly into the RG and see if you get a link light.  If you do you have a cabling issue with the coax.

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Re: Uverse issues

Does your RG have solid power, broadband and service lights?
What is model of RG? How many TVs (1 or more)?
Do you have any other uverse services (phones, internet) and are they working?

Your description is of outside issue, your initial call seems to indicate initial inside issue but if only one TV and no other services your apparent inside issue could e outside.

If premise tech could not resolve then may need outside tech or issue at cross box possible need a new card, like you without knowing details hard to say what issue is or hn will be resolved.
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Re: Uverse issues

I would recommend that you send a private message to the escalation team at AT&T Customer Care, and someone will get in touch with you.

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