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I am wanting to stream Live TV to my PC however even though I am on my home network, it says I am not on my home network.  I assume this is because I have my RG bridged to my own router.  Though I still don't know why that's a big deal, ESPN3 can tell I am a Uverse subscriber based on my IP address, shouldn't Uverse be able to figure that out?


Has anyone found a work around for this?  Some configuration I am not aware of?



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Re: LIVE TV using your own router??

bhaxprime - I believe others have reported similar problems. It does seem to be kind of flaky. I believe it relies on the plug-in to determine it is or is not on the home network. The plug-in works for me on Safari & Firefox, but not Chrome.

I do not know about wired, but wireless does need to be connected to the RG wireless. Can't you wire to the RG as test?
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Re: LIVE TV using your own router??

Hello bhaxprime,

You will need a direct connection to your RG, and the plug-in installed, to view live in home tv online. You may have access to some limited out of home channels, simply by logging in. ESPN 3 (formerly ESPN 360) is included with all U-Verse Subscriptions (Internet), regardless of U-TV subscription.

You have three options. 1) Switch your connection to the RG when you want to stream Live TV. 2) Use your third party router as an AP and lose it's advanced routing features. 3) Visit the network website or download the network's app, login with your U-Verse account and see if they have an available live Stream (like TBS, TNT, etc.).
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Re: LIVE TV using your own router??

Thanks for the reply.  Yes I thought it was a hopeless cause.  I tried just about everything today.  The RG is not that friendly of a router for port forwards and the like, so I guess I'll just keep it as is.  The Live TV would be neat to have access to but not that important.


Though it would be nice if U-Verse could fix this at some point.

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